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International Management Group

Mission Statement
IMG operates as a facilitator/implementing partner to companies/organizations with a long-term or temporary presence in the Republic of Moldova and entities that wish to conduct country activities from overseas. We provide support to help you:

  • Benefit from indigenous knowledge and local human resource capabilities;
  • Establish positive relationships with government officials at all levels;
  • Enhance your local networking capability;
  • Obtain access to business information and high-quality advice at low cost;
  • Create visibility for your activities;
  • Ensure long-term sustainability and local ownership of initiatives.

Areas of Expertise
IMG provides information, liaison, language, administrative, and logistical support to international organizations, donors, and private experts working in the field of public sector development and consulting. IMG has an extensive network of contacts in the Government of Moldova and significant expertise in:

  • Law enforcement training and development;
  • Infrastructure development and modernization;
  • Trans-border security and cooperation.

Competitive Advantage
IMG is unique in that it can provide coordinated services in a comprehensive package required to support your project in Moldova. We can inject stability, creativity, continuity, and order into any set of activities, tailoring them to the specificity of existing local procedures, business traditions, and inter-personal interactions. Through our permanent offices in Moldova we provide access to critical information in key areas of expertise and monitor political, economic, and social developments for our clients. In this regard IMG is favorably positioned to engage in providing support at any point in time or phase of your project/activity.

For more information, please contact us at img@imgmoldova.org

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